Miami Mondays: MONC Boutique

Before I started a style blog, I considered starting a Miami blog. But I thought that would be too time-consuming and expensive, since I would have to do fun Miami things all the time. So I started a style blog instead. Because that's so much more affordable right? Lol.

Still, I love my city, and some of my favorite posts on Earnestyle are those where the Miami charm comes through. So today I'm starting Miami Mondays, a new segment where I'll be weaving in more of that charm into my style posts. I was already doing this (like here or here), but now it has a catchy name. :)

MONC Boutique floral

So I begin with MONC Boutique, a great little shop on Sunset and 57th (at The Crossroads building). MONC contacted me to showcase some of their clothes on the blog, and as soon as I saw all their fun floral options I knew it was a good idea.* I took both of these floral tops home with me that day. No surprise there!

MONC Boutique logo
MONC Boutique_Florals
Patterns and textures <3
MONC Boutique_Jewelry
Corals and textures
Miami_maxi dress
SO in love with this effortless, pink maxi dress! I should have bought this one too. Darn it.
floral blouse
Close up of work-appropriate floral blouse that came home with me that day.
MONC Boutique lbd
MONC Boutique_patterns
MONC Boutique_Jewelry.MONC Boutique_Blue
MONC Boutique_blush
Miami hot pink maxi dress
That dress one more time.. Love it!

So that's some MONC Boutique for you. Best part is that everything is under $100.
Now, I'm a bargain hunter to the core. I hate paying full price for anything, and I generally don't like buying anything over $50. Hearing that something is under $100 still sounds expensive to me. But then I remember that I make exceptions for things from Anthro, because they're so one of a kind! Thing is, there are likely little shops all over your town that sell similarly one-of-a-kind things, made by local or indie designers. It's nice to #shopsmall too. <3

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Miami Mondays!

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*Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation in any form from MONC Boutique for this post.

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  1. All these bright hues look amazing on you. If you get the chance, join my linkup today to share your amazing post.


  2. I love that blue top with the yellow trimming, and they seem to have such fun pieces, it's so nice when you find great stores near you :)



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