Road Trippin' Series: Part 1

I'm goin' on a road trip tomorrow!
Road Trip Outfit_1
Backpack | Sunnies | Tee
Necklace| Shorts
iPhone Case | Watch | Sandals

My parents and I will be driving up to Savannah, Charleston, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Sadly my other half cannot come with us. I am most excited to visit Charleston and Boone Hall Plantation, probably known to most people as Allie's summer home in The Notebook (which I watched in preparation for this trip... Not that I need an excuse to watch The Notebook. Lol).

So because I will be away, I've scheduled a few road/day/weekend trip outfits to go up throughout the week. I apologize in advance if something is sold out by the time the set goes live. Today's set was inspired by what I'll be wearing tomorrow to drive, except that I'll be wearing more comfortable shorts or jeans and Toms or comfortable boat shoes (my feet get cold easily, esp. in long car trips). I particularly love this Urban Outfitters watch and the sunny yellow Birkenstocks. Who knew this chunky, comfy shoe could be so popular?

So have any of you ever visited these locations? Taken a road trip out of Florida into the south? Because, you know, Miami doesn't really count as the south...What do you recommend I see? What and where should I eat? Please comment with your tips below.

Thanks in advance, folks! I'll be reading your comments throughout the trip. :)

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  1. Ohh Nathy so exciting, I took a trip to Savannah a couple of weeks ago, and the Carolinas are in my next list, you have to share pictures when you get back. When I was leaving I asked Emilie from Soul in Stilettos (She was living there at the time) and she recommended drinks at the Bohemian hotel rooftop (we loved the appetizers too), it has a great view, and you MUST try Leopold's ice cream, it was delicious (the girl at the hotel in Mt Dora strongly suggested it)

    Have fun girl


  2. Woohooo, roadtrips can be so fun!
    Love your set that you came up with inspired for the road :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

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