Road Trippin' Series: Part 2

Road Trip Outfit_2
Tank | Skirt | Necklace
Sandals | Bag

Hi there!
Today I am in Savannah, Georgia.
Not that I'm writing this from there. This was a scheduled post.

This set was inspired by Katie's Bliss post on her visit to Historic Charleston. This skirt is so darn beautiful. I've seen it on several different bloggers (e.g., Kendi, Atlantic Pacific here and here, Chic Flavors) and have contemplated buying it myself but I can't quite justify it since I already own a similar one. I'm also kind of obsessed with this ModCloth necklace. I really wish I could just have this outfit in my closet right now. Or, better yet, on this trip with me. Just like *poof*! And then it's there. But that's not the way it works is it.

Hope you enjoyed this outfit as much as I (vicariously) have!

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  2. I ADORE that skirt! Great picks and so perfect for the occasion!

    That Curious Cat

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