Fun Stuff Friday: "Fall" Pieces for Warm Climates

Fall colors and patterns are so rich and divine. Just because it's 90 degrees here doesn't mean you can't be all decked out in a fall wardrobe. This shopping post is dedicated to my warm weather peeps out there who love the fall as much as I do.
At the Office_Miami Fall Work Outfit
Bag | Top | Earrings
Heels | Skirt | Bracelets
Girls' Night
Necklace | Tee | Jeans
Heels | Envelope | Lipstick
Shopping Outfit
Necklace | Top | Pants
Watch | Bag | Booties
Making this set really made me wanna go shopping! Some bloggers say virtual outfit posts help them satisfy their shopping cravings, but for me it has the opposite effect. I want everything in that work outfit and I want it now!


  1. Those are great pieces for this crazy weather, I really hope mother nature takes pity on us and lets us enjoy a bit of chill at least around the holidays.


  2. That Shopping Outfit is so on point...I love them all though! I'm super inspired now :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. Thanks, Linda! Glad I served up some inspiration! :)

  3. The one of "The Office" is more my style. Thanks for the post <3 so inspirational



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