September Recap

Whoa, 12 outfits this September! That's an Earnestyle first, made possible by all those August road trip posts (outfits 2-9).

September 1
Miami Mondays | Touring through Savannah | Savannah's River Street Charm
September 2
Charleston's American Theatre | Boone Hall Plantation | Charleston Sights
September 3
Charleston Harbor | An Afternoon in St. Augustine | Castillo de San Marcos
September 4
Dinner Date | Like Mother, Like Daughter | Lunch Date

As for my favorite Instagram shares of the month-- it's pretty views, happy days, and flowery moments. Nothing new there; nature and detail shots are always my fav. I've had more time to enjoy the things I love since I finished practicum in August. I bet October will bring more pretty pictures. 

StiltsvilleRed hibiscus centerAcee's Iceesyellow flowerFlamboyant Tree, early SeptemberGood hair day selfieBoynton Beach palmsKate Spade inspired maniTiny Roses

Wishing you a happy October.
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  1. Yay I average about 12 outfits a month as well. Congrats, they were all adorable.



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