Last-Minute Gifts Under $25 + Tips for Gifting Well (on a Limited Budget)

Alright, so maybe it's not super last-minute yet. But for online shopping, we're reaching the last couple of days where you can get Christmas-guaranteed shipping. And I discovered so many desirable items under $25 through my own shopping, I thought I'd make a whole activity out of it and share some links and tips with you guys.

Why did I choose these categories? Well, I've found that the women on my list (including me!) appreciate these little things-- they're everyday fashion and beauty staples. For me, the key to gifting well is 1) knowing the person you're gifting to and 2) getting them something of decent quality (it's not always possible to gift high-quality on a limited budget) that expresses something important. For example, if you have a penny-pinching friend that you know would LOVE to indulge herself more often, get her something you know she'd like but wouldn't get for herself, like an unnecessary but wonderfully smelling shampoo, or a nice piece of jewelry that she'll look at and think of you every time.

But thoughtful gifts can get expensive. That's why I like to:
  1. Look for sets and aesthetically pleasing designs. Let's face it, if you have a very limited budget like I do, pretty, unique, or memorable design of appropriate quality can trump good quality. As for sets, they can give you more bang for your buck and allow you to gift higher-quality items (like with makeup or nail polish) at a price that won't break the bank. 
  2. Look for good deals, which can help you up the quality of your gift. Pretty much everything in the jewelry category here is from reputable stores or brands, yet it's all under $25. And even stores like Target, which are already affordable, can have good clearances. Just look at all those cute bags at those prices! Those bags are what started this post.
  3. Go online. I used to shy away from online shopping for fear of identity theft and credit card fraud, but I'm now more familiar with how to prevent online identity theft (check out this list for some tips). The truth is, your identity can get stolen in any number of ways, and you will find some really great deals online (like all those Target bags which I can't stop talking about) that you just won't find in store.
  4. Shop in-store, too. No way to know if online deals are better if you have no idea what things are going for in-store.
  5. Check out blogger gift guides. Seriously, bloggers know what's in style, who's selling it on the cheap, and whether you should splurge on an item or go for a knockoff version. 
So I hope you'll find these suggestions useful in your holiday shopping endeavors. 
I wish you the best of luck with your shopping, both online and in-person, and lots of happy memories this holiday season!


  1. I am doing homemade gifts this Xmas...little jars of truffles, etc...
    Only The Husband is getting something bought (a trip somewhere) and that's me done.
    These ideas are cute though....they're not too spendy and I think everyone would be pleased to get something from the list.

    1. That's quite clever and much more affordable, I bet.

  2. such fun picks! I love the black and white handbag!

  3. Love it!… nice gift ideas :)
    Wish you a blessed Holiday season!


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