November Recap

November fall travel outfits
November fall outfits
1 - Gatlinburg // 2 - Forest Tones in the Forest // 3 - Touring the Biltmore // 4 - Simple Fall Outfit // 5 - 130 Habersham St.
6 - Fashion Happy Hour // 7 - Plaid & Leopard // 8 - Boho Vintage // 9 - Boho Brunch // 10 - Thanksgiving Outfit

Is it really December? I know I say this in every recap, but IS IT REALLY December now?? It's 2015 in just 4 weeks. It's the year I turn 25. 

But let's talk November instead.
Never have I posted so many fall outfits before! 
Most of these outfits are actually from October and were posted in November.
My love for color is evident. It just turns into muted color in the fall.
Also, 7/10 of my outfits featured boots. Boots! I'm very proud of myself. I always think I don't wear them enough. 

leopard manicopper highlightsblack and white bohoTurkey Day nailsThanksgiving loveradiant orchid dress

As for my Instagram posts, it was a very productive and exciting month. I hosted two loop giveaways (one of which I organized! So fun!) and gained over 200 new followers. People unfollow after the giveaway but many stay around. And to those who do, I am very grateful that you'd wanna stick around. :)

P.S. That radiant orchid dress is coming up soon this week; it's an eShakti dress that I can't wait to talk about! Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, so many outfits! You were really consistent in November huh? I loved them all!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. Haha, yes! Plus all those October road trip posts helped out a lot. :)


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