Fun Stuff Friday: SWIM!

So a friend asked me to find her some great bathing suits for her honeymoon and I was happy to oblige. Here is the result of some of my browsing.


Victoria's Secret is always my go-to destination for fashionable swim. These are some of my favorites available online right now. I have the black bottom and can personally attest to its fabulousness. It squeezes and accentuates in all the right places and looks oh so chic. I may have ordered the one-piece pictured here just for the beautiful back...  Ok, I totally did. And that dreamy boho maxi? Ugh, I can't even!
Triangl is definitely the swim brand of the moment. I used to follow on Instagram but their lack of body diversity turned me off. I know, kinda hypocritical. It's not like Victoria's Secret does a better job. But at least VS embraces shape, you know? That's something. Triangl routinely employs stick-thin models with narrow, boy-shaped bodies. Those kinds of bodies are perfectly fine, but why not highlight swimwear across a range of perfectly fine bodies? Why limit yourself to the same kinds of models over and over? It's boring.

But anyway, that's a whole 'nother conversation. I still chose to highlight Triangl because I think their swimwear really is spectacular. So vivid-- just look at those colors. I love the Poppy in Blue Crush because it reminds me of Dory! And who doesn't love Dory? The second one I tracked down from this pretty pin with an unknown source link. Found it. :)

I was not familiar with this brand before but I love all of their bathing suit styles. They're just effortlessly beautiful and soft and feminine. Almost lingerie-like, except for that vivid orange one (which I love!).


And then there's Maagi, a brand with so much color and pattern I can't even handle it! The red one in the middle is solid but the criss-cross back and the little cuts in the front make it stand out from a standard red bikini. And the first one is just so vintage-y and adorbs-- love the shape and pattern play.

Lonnie Clyton // Cadmium Cover // Sunbeam Prairie

So which of these bathing suits would you wear? Are you color and pattern crazy like me?
I left out American Apparel and ModCloth-- two of my favorites-- but I might do a part 2 because there is just so much beautiful swimwear for every body nowadays.

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