Rainy Fall Weekend

PicMonkey Collage

Shirt: JCPenney // Pants: Macy's // Rain Boots: TOMS via Zappos // Bag: Lucky Brand // Umbrella: ShedRain via Costco // Necklace: Taudrey // Lipstick: Mac Rebel

Hello all!

It did not stop raining all weekend long and I was actually thrilled because I got to do this shoot! It was pretty hard, all by myself and my tripod, getting wet and all, but I didn't mind not even a little bit thanks to these super stylish rain boots by TOMS. No lie, I have been looking for a pair of rain boots since at least 2009. We're so used to driving around day and night here, you can wear any shoes you want regardless of the rain. So it was only in college when I had to walk across campus between classes that it finally dawned on how rainy Miami really is. And ever since then, I have had trouble finding the perfect pair of rain boots. 

In this traveling therapist job of mine I could not afford to put off the rain boot search any longer. I got sick in September after spending an entire day with soaked feet because I was wearing flats. So I bought 4 pairs of boots online. These were love at first sight. They fit my wide feet and calves perfectly. I highly recommend them for my fellow wide-legged peeps out there.

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  1. Boots that fit wide feet and calves? GIRL THAT'S MY BIGGEST STRUGGLE!
    Gonna be looking into these for sure...aha, they're super cute and glad your feet will be staying warm from the rain now :)

    I'm on the Tube!


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