Classic Valentine

bougainvillea Valentine's Day outfit
red lip classic black and white stripes
DSC_1251pony hair J. Crew baretteDSC_1247
natural wavy curly hair Cuban latina
Melissa heart shoes in red

PicMonkey Photo
red pants, black and white striped long sleevePicMonkey PhotoDSC_1234

Shirt: J. Crew // Pants: The Limited // Flats: Melissa Shoes via Nordstrom
Bag: gifted years go, when I was in high school! I think it's a Coach knockoff but I love it.
Sunglasses: Unknown. Got them from Nany's Kloset's Poshmark
Lipstain: Sephora
Nothing like a good red black and white stripe combo to make you feel oh so classic. And, as I've mentioned so much recently, I'm OBSESSED with these shoes!! I've been wanting little heart shoes for so long. I'm thrilled to own these in two colors-- got them in beige too!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll recall that my shoe close-up I shared last week was reposted on Melissa Shoes Singapore's account, which was super flattering of course, except they smoothed over my veiny feet for a perfect baby skin, ad-worthy look. It's the first time I've ever noticed that happening before. I see why they did it, but it was still kinda weird for me.

This outfit is a great little number for celebrating Valentine's Day at work. Of course, V-Day is on a Sunday this year, but you can always get dressed up on like Thursday or whatever. I'm that kind of person. Or at least I was, when I had an office job. Being out in the field is tough, guys. As one of my grad school friends requested on Facebook the other day: "Hug a therapist. We get beat down sometimes." We sure do!

P.S. Sorry for all the pictures in this post. It was one of those days where the lighting was off so I took about 1,000 shots (joking) and then had a hard time narrowing it down.

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  1. Such a cute and classic v-day look, these flats are adorable.


  2. I looooove this outfit! So classic, comfy and cute!
    Those flats are everything and you rock those red pants!



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