Shoesday Tuesday

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So today's (late) Shoesday Tuesday is brought to you by Shopbop. I was invited to partner with them and was so thrilled because as you likely know they are a huge fashion retailer carrying just about every brand under the sun. I had already been linking to them via the ShopStyle affiliate link program, but now you will see me highlight specific products in more detail a few times a month. For more info on my use of affiliate links, see my disclosure on the sidebar.

So back to these lovely beauties-- I love espadrilles (like when I posted about them in 2014 here) but don't have nearly enough of them! Full disclosure: the blue ones I linked here are very much out of my comfort zone in terms of price and beyond what I can afford right now, but I needed one more shoe for the collage and honestly that was my favorite of them all. They're so vivid and fun. I also love the many Soludos ones-- so simple yet they make a statement. I think I may get the second ones because they will look great with just about anything I throw on in the spring and summer, particularly with yellow or bright orange, or black and white of course.

Very excited for spring. We actually had a few cold fronts this winter that I was very happy about but I am ready for spring fashion and beach weather again.

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