February Recap + Last Day to Shop the SHOPBOP Sale!

Hello all, and happy Saturday!

It's 5 days into March but now is when I've had some time to blog. The first of the month is always a very busy time at work-- hell, every week is a very busy time.

This February was memorable for me, to say the least.  I was able to blog pretty consistently, missing my goal of 6 outfits per month by only one post. I also got to begin my partnership with Shopbop, which I'm very excited about (more on their huge sale below!). 

In my personal life, a lot happened and didn't happen. I was out sick from work for a week and seriously considered looking for another job every. single. day. But alas, I am still there. Must get my hours for licensure, must keep my health and dental insurance, must go on that 14-day Mediterranean cruise in May! Must keep swimming. :)

Here are my favorite Instagrams of the month. Lots of sky pictures.

From a recent 🚲 ride. What I wish I was doing now! 💙 #Miami #mybeautifulcityJust scheduled a bunch of blog posts for the week, including this look where I'm rocking 5th day hair. Yep, 5th. 😊 I wish I had realized when I was younger how lucky I am to have my hair type. And that I'd always known how to style it! Would have saOne of my favorites just starting to bloom. ❤From my Valentine's Day post, now up on the blog. ❤ #EarnestyleYummy yum yum. 🍟🍔😊Had a client tell me "Nathalie, is it really you?" today because apparently I look "chunkier" with straight hair. 😂 #kidssaythedarndestthings
Cool weather skies. 🌴💙 #latepostWhat I wore to a friend's wedding, appropriately posted on #Oscars night! Lol. Felt very glamorous and regal indeed. 👑 #Earnestyle

And now for the HUGE SHOPBOP SALE! 

This is one of Shopbop's 3 big events per year so if you like shopping from Shopbop you shouldn't miss out! For me, the $250 minimum is a lot to spend, but I tend to go on three big shopping sprees a year, usually at the start of each season (I'm counting fall and winter together since I live in Miami, haha). I usually end up spending about $200 on these sprees, so for me this is the perfect time to stock up on spring and summer essentials and statement pieces. 

This handy link here explains the coupon code further. Sale ends at 11:59 pm Pacific time tonight.
Shop the sale with this link or check out the categories I'd splurge on below:

Thanks for reading, everyone!
A happy weekend to you all. :)

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