Fun Stuff Friday: Mediterranean Cruise Dresses

Hi all!

So I'm going on this divine Mediterranean cruise in May, my birthday month, with one of my lifelong besties.

I am SO excited, you have no idea. Obviously, I'm already planning outfits! I'd like a big, beautiful statement dress (or 2) for the trip, but I need your help. It'll be in the 60's in the places I'm going to, so this Miami girl will likely need to cover up with light scarves and cardigans. After a few days searching, I think these dresses highlighted below are all great options. Some more practical than others, but all of them stylish. I could just picture walking around the streets of Rome or Mykonos in some of these. For Toulouse I'd love one of the Kimchi Blue ones from Urban. Which dress(es) would you buy?

I also really liked this one from Shopbop, in either of these colors. I would wear it with a denim jacket and scarf, of course. Lol. 
PicMonkey Collage

I already have one maxi and one midi dress I plan on taking, so realistically I just want one more. I'll also need some comfy shoes and I'd love recommendations. So far I have a pair of super old Steve Madden sandals and a pair of Toms that are so broken in I can comfortably walk for miles in them. Maybe I need some Birkenstocks too? Some stylish Nikes? What are your travel shoe preferences? The next few Fun Stuff Fridays will be about this trip, so I'll keep asking you guys for your opinions there.

Comment below with your input. I really appreciate it!



  1. the bluebird dress is a stunner and a must! It will be a fabulous vacation.


  2. I like 4, 5, and the rest of the printed dresses (floral and stripes). You can do SO much with a floral maxi dress. And they help cover you from mosquitos lol. I brought nothing but shorts and short skirts on my last trip to Mexico...the mosquitos had a feast on me :/

    I brought some flat sandals on my last trip because I wanted to look stylish and still be comfortable. But honestly, my Nike running shoes were the best. If I'd brought my Keds, those would have been perfect too...especially with cute shorts or skirts.

    You're gonna have so much fun! I can't wait to see your photos from your trip :)

    xo Azu

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