Last Night's Old Navy Order

Back in the day the only time I ever went to Old Navy was when they offered their $1 flip-flop deal every summer (or was it every spring?). I was never a fan of Old Navy-- their stores kinda overwhelmed me for some reason and I thought their fabrics were very low-quality. The low-quality thing might still very well be true, but yesterday when I went on their website looking for just a denim jacket for my Mediterranean cruise next month, I was flabbergasted at all these cute dresses AND THEIR PRICES! Everything was on sale. They had 15% off with no code needed, plus an extra 30% if you used code APRILSAVE. Here is everything I purchased from them, in the order in which I discovered it.

So it all started with the denim jacket, which I ordered in both regular medium and medium petite to see which one fits best. I can just return in the store or by mail if anything. Then I wanted to find some lightweight spring scarves. $6.97 for the mint? YES PLEASE. So then I saw an ad for their dresses (good job, Old Navy). It was incredible how many cute dresses they have, all sorted out by category. Yesterday they had them sorted by type of dress, but today I only see them sorted by occasion. Also nice.

I kept hearing how Old Navy has changed their image and upped their game but hadn't investigated for myself. "They're like a super cheap J. Crew now," a friend told me not too long ago. Boy was I hooked. I don't plan on keeping all of this I ordered, but for the price and flexible return policy, I allowed myself to go a little wild. Most of these things aren't even for my trip-- I just want more cute dresses to wear on the weekends because pants = yuck in the summer here. So sticky.

So yeah, that was my impulse purchase from last night! I hope most of them will fit and look ok enough. Otherwise they will be returned. I expect to wear some of what I ordered on the blog.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. This is not sponsored by Old Navy in any way, though I wish it was. However, if you make a purchase, I will be compensated a very tiny amount through ShopStyle's affiliate program, as posted in my disclosure on the sidebar. Just wanted to make that very clear since I came off very excited in this post. Because I am! 😊

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