Islamorada Day Trip: Morada Bay Beach Cafe


Top: Forever 21 // Shorts: Forever 21 // Espadrilles: c/o Shopbop // Hat: Target // Scarf: c/o Benevolent Jewels // Fitbit: Target // Bracelet: J. Crew // Necklace: Taudrey // Sunglasses: LOFT Lipstick: MAC in "Impassioned" // Bag: Victoria's Secret

Islamorada Morada Bay Beach Club
DSC_0937Islamorada Morada Bag Beach Cafe view
PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey PhotoDSC_0936
DSC_0953Islamorada Day Trip
Morada Bay Beach CafeDSC_0042DSC_0026
Top: Forever 21 // Shorts: Forever 21 // Espadrillesc/o Shopbop // Hat: Target // Scarf: c/o Benevolent Jewels // FitbitTarget // Bracelet: J. Crew // Necklace: Taudrey // SunglassesLOFT LipstickMAC in "Impassioned" // Bag: Victoria's Secret
You guys, I had so much fun this weekend. Seriously cannot remember the last time I had this much fun. Marion, mon amie francaise who I befriended on Instagram and then met in February, suggested that we go to Islamorada for some fun in the sun. Not to mention pictures. So many pictures. This is the first of two outfit posts from the day trip-- we went to the Morada Bay Beach Cafe for delicious lunch with a gorgeous view. The waiter informed us that they have a full moon party every month, including that night but we couldn't stay. I'd love to go back for one of those parties one of these days. Must be so fun and pretty, since there are fewer lights and therefore a clearer view of the stars and moon. 

P.S. I'm so in love with my little striped espadrilles. I recently featured them in a Shoesday Tuesday post and knew I had to get them for myself. I'll be wearing them everywhere this spring, so long as it doesn't rain.

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Bonus pictures! 
Loved these little guys.  😊

Florida Keys Islamorada birdFlorida Keys birds feedingIslamorada birds eating

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