Shoesday Tuesday: Nike Rainbow

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Longest Shoesday Tuesday I've ever done but I just couldn't stop myself once I started browsing these Nikes. Having "shoe game" is one of the most important superficial things for a born and bred Miami native. I have never been part of this club, because I've always preferred girlier shoes and I've also never had a reason to. But ever since I joined the gym in the summer I've been eyeing all the pretty workout gear on the bodies of people I will never look like. If I can't have their butts, at least I can have their workout clothes amirite? (No but seriously, the internal social comparison at the gym is not as intense as I imagined it'd be. Halleluyah).

But anyway, I started by investing in some VS sports bras during the semi-annual sale, then I moved on to leggings from Marshall's (great deals lemme tell ya), and now I'm thinking it's time for shoes. Hence this Shoesday Tuesday. I wanted to organize them by price, low to high, because that's how I shop always (budget life).  But those pretty colors were begging to be put into a rainbow, and also you can compare similar styles more easily this way.

These are the cheapest at $45.99.
And these mermaid colored beauties are the priciest at a hefty $225.

So there it is, the longest Tuesday Shoesday I've ever done. Are you into sneakers? Do you call them that, or tennis shoes? Fun fact: South Florida takes this term from our northeastern transplants. See below.

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