Fun Stuff Friday: Stylish Rain Gear (brought to you by Hurricane Matthew)

South Florida took Hurricane Matthew very seriously. We are a party people, but when it comes to hurricanes we know the importance of preparing (and maybe throwing a hurricane party indoors). But it ended up missing Miami-Dade County entirely. We've had worse storms this year that weren't hurricanes. Still, most offices closed here as of yesterday afternoon and everything else shut down today (rightfully so). Meaning that I had nothing to do but sleep, watch Netflix, and put together this rain-inspired Fun Stuff Friday because, though I hate rainy and stormy days, I do love rain gear!

I LOOOVE all these jackets. I actually don't own a rain jacket... or a bubble umbrella, which I've always wanted. Hmmm....

I do own the red TOMS (here's an outfit post with them and some recent photos below) and I get tons of compliments every time I wear them! Which is a lot, because it's always raining here. I wore them to work yesterday and 3 people complimented me on them and asked me where they're from. They're only $59, and the best part is they fit my wide calves!


Well, thanks for reading! Hope you liked my rainy day gear. And stay safe out there, northern FL, GA, and the Carolinas!

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