January Looks

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The first two looks is me dressing in muted, wintry tones (still colorful- that's my thing), because I was still hopeful that winter might visit us this year.

The third and fourth looks represent my giving up on winter. I'm done. You freezing Northerners don't know my pain. Waiting for it to cool down every year to break out my cute, cold weather clothes. It just never happened this year. 

So I'm ready to go back to bright and vivid. Eff you, winter. Eff you.


  1. Such cute outfits, the first one is my favorite!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Hi dear! i am so happy to finally get around to checking out all these beautiful blogs including yours..and ofcourse im following you now ...hope you will follow my blog as well (it is now updated)
    kisses :)

  3. Your colored pants are so amazing! =]

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  4. aaahh can't wait for spring either!!! you totally look so chic in all these outfits!! love the last photo the most! :D

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  5. I feel like none of us like the weather where we are, haha. At least your outfits are all adorable.

  6. LOL! You're hilarious. At least you look beautiful in every picture...winter or not :) I like all of your looks, but the first is my favorite. I could see myself wearing that ensemble.

    xo Azu

  7. Lovely looks. The second one is really cute.

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