Sporty Saturday Outfit

sporty saturday outfit
Shirt: Nordstrom Rack (clearance rack for $8!) // Jeans: Macy's // HatJ. Crew // Watch: Fossil // Reversible bag: Misako
casual saturday outfitsporty casual weekend outfit
J. Crew chambray baseball cap

I haven't brushed my hair in a few days...aaand this is 7th day hair. As in, I haven't washed my hair in 7 days. Thankfully I have the kind of hair texture that allows me to do these crazy things.

7th day hair
No hat so you could see my 7th day hair.
sporty Saturday outfitmessy hair and cap
eyebrows done by Mayra's Art Beauty
J. Crew chambray baseball cap // Sporty Saturday

(some items may appear in another color)

I might have gone a little overboard taking pictures for this outfit because I am obsessed with my brows! I got them done on Thursday with Mayra, who I had been following on Instagram for so long, just lusting after all those brow pictures she posts. So finally I made the appointment (book yours here) and now I feel like I have the perfect brow shape for my face. They're a little thinner than I would have liked them in real life, but they look so beautifully thick and "on fleek" (lol... who says this stuff??) when they're filled in with some Anastasia brow pomade (my shade here is "dark brown"). I love that stuff. Also, this brush is ideal for applying it.
 Thanks for reading, everyone! I've been a little MIA lately and I totally skipped this week's Work Style Wednesday (as did Martha! We apologize!). I lost my remote control so I haven't been able to shoot any outfit pictures myself. But stay tuned, because a new linkup will be up this Wednesday at 12 am for sure. :)

Wishing you all a very happy Sunday, and week!
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  1. Perfect for the weather, you look like a bright daisy :)
    Also, love your eyebrows and your hair!


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