Springtime Fun with Allie

Braids and Bougainvillea
DSC_0204braided half hairstyleDSC_0229
Michael Kors metallic flatsDSC_0183
She so funny.
It's always so fun taking pictures with my cousin Allie. This was on Valentine's Day, when we went prom dress shopping for her in Miracle Mile (to no avail). She showed up looking so cute in her floral shorts and vintage pieces-- the shoes, jacket and bag were formerly her mom's in the 80s. Not to mention her adorable hair. So there was no way I wasn't going to take pictures of her, too! The lighting wasn't very cooperative, as it was towards the end of the day here. But we had a blast, as always, documenting our outfits of the day. We'll look back on these posts one day and reminisce about our shopping and blogging shenanigans.


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