March Recap

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Springtime Fun with Allie // Distressed Boyfriend // Sporty Saturday // Dressy Casual
Well, another month has passed us by.
My March was just as hectic as the rest of this year so far!
And my remote control is still lost. Haven't seen it since this.
So these four outfit posts were made possible by my cousin Allie, my boyfriend Nestor, my mom, and my dad (respectively). Thanks to them all!!
Which outfit did you like best? 

Old Miami Pink HouseSpring BloomsThe FairMarch Mangoes"Eyebrows on fleek" selfieTropical Spring

My job takes me all over Miami now so I've been taking lots of random pictures of things I like. Like that pink Little Havana building from the 1920's, and all the spring blooms around town. And, of course, March in Miami means the fair! I went twice, as usual, with my cutie of a bearded boyfriend. Also, I got my eyebrows done with Mayra of Mayra's Art Beauty. Honestly, this level of eyebrow perfection kinda intimidates me. Like, how am I to be expected to keep this up all by myself? And lastly, we got one last random "sunny and 75" day at the end of the month. It went down to the 60's and everyone got to wear their cool-weather clothes one last time. 

And that's all, folks! 
Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. Ugh...Nathy! Why do you do this to me? Why do you make it so hard for me to choose a favorite outfit? They're all so cute. I start to think I have a fave (the one with the striped top), then I get greedy and want to pick another favorite (casual outfit with a hat). Perhaps I'm being a bit dramatic, no? ;) I don't even HAVE to pick a favorite (seriously, what's wrong with me?).

    I just got an IG account and I'm following you! I'm @azucena_robledo.


    xo Azu


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