Work Style Wednesday: Minty Fresh

minty spring work outfit

It's Work Style Wednesday! And it's April Fool's. And I just realized how ironic it is that I'm wearing a minty outfit.

You see, last April Fool's, I was the first at my job to fall for the ol' toothpaste Oreo cookie prank. At first I thought they were old and stale, and then I just realized I was eating chocolate cookie and Colgate!! No one should ever have to taste that combination of flavors!

Anyway, back to my outfit. I've always wanted to do an all-mint getup. Finally, I got my chance. Sorta. These pants--which I'm totally obsessed with, by the way--are actually the perfect powdery, baby blue color in person. But when photographed and paired with this deep mint sweater, they can pass as mint. My remote control is still lost (what in the world did I do with it?!), but thankfully my dad was able to quickly shoot some pictures of my outfit on Sunday, which I actually wore to go see Wicked, not to work. But this can very clearly work as a work outfit, and perhaps would work better as a work outfit. I went to see Wicked (for the 3rd time, I might add) in work clothes. That's how much I miss proper office style, haha.

spring floral heels
floral heels

I love these shoes so much. This was the first time I wore them and they were a huge hit. Floral heels are all over the map this spring. I bought these from Megan McQueen of the Bloom Into Beautiful blog, through her Instagram. The joys of blogger-to-blogger buying! With that said, please visit my own Blogger's Closet. :)

monochromatic mint

My camera ran out of battery a few shots in. Anyone else get really poor results shooting with a low battery? There was plenty of lighting when I took these but they came out pretty blurry. The shoe pictures were taken with my cell phone.

Thanks for reading, everyone! See outfit details + Work Style Wednesday linkup below. :)

Forever 21 floral heels


Sweater: The Limited
PantsThe Limited
Heels: Forever 21 via Megan McQueen of Bloom into Beautiful
Bag: H&M
Necklace: Jew elmint
Bracelets: Benevolent Jewels, Pandora

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  1. I loooove all the blue, you look so pretty. These pants and shoes are FAB!


  2. Eeeew! I bet those oreos were disgusting! Mint and powder blue are two colors that I get mixed up all the time. lol. They look really pretty paired together! So jealous you got to see Wicked for the third time! I've seen it twice and it is so so so good!!!!

  3. It's a blue out!
    Haha, love the matching shades of mint throughout, you rocked the monochrome look :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Cute shoes! I host a link up every Wednesday (still live) so stop by if you get a chance :)


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