Flamingo at Work


So this is a post from February during one of our last "cold fronts." I can get away with wearing flamingoes to work because I work with children and they think this stuff is adorable. I added some baby blue as if the outfit wasn't girly enough already. Why not right?

spring teacher outfit, therapist outfit
child therapist outfitDSC_0531DSC_0586
DSC_0600spring work outfitDSC_0499

Sweater: & Apparel (sold out) // Pants: The Limited // Wedges: Nordstrom Rack // Bag: JustFab // 

And now for the next part of this post, which is to try to re-introduce the Work Style Wednesday linkup I co-created with Martha of Sun Fun Fashion last year! As working women, we both got incredibly busy and couldn't keep up with the linkup. Also, she's about to have a baby! Not sure what makes me think this time will go any better, all by myself. Lol... but let's just say I'll have a new linkup not every Wednesday, but every "sometimes," Wait But Why style (love that site).

Ok, here goes!


  1. lovely look!


  2. Flamingos are one of the cutest birds :) This sweater is super cute! Love the light blue trousers with the sweater.

    xo Azu


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