Shoesday Tuesday: Ankle Boots Galore!
(+ $1000 Asos Giveaway - now closed)

So I read this Buzzfeed article about ankle boots and it inspired me to dedicate this week's Shoesday Tuesday (first one in a long time!) to my undying love for this shoe. So I went on a virtual window shopping kick and gathered these gorgeous picks for (mostly) under $100. 

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These are the real winners though-- an unexpected floral print in rich tones, perfect for Miami "fall." Got them straight from the Buzzfeed article and then I stalked the Instagram of the girl who took this photo to see where they were from. They're from Asos. You're welcome. 

A lot of the boots above are from Asos, actually. 
And looky here, I'm currently hosting a $1000 Asos giveaway! Enter for your chance to win!

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