Black Friday Madness

So since I haven't posted anything since good' ol Turkey Day, I thought I should tell you about Black Friday.

I went shopping with my mom, godmother, and cousin shortly after our delicious Cuban-style Thanksgiving dinner (yuco con mojo anyone?). Target, Best Buy, then 2 different malls (Macy's, Gap, JcPenney, LOFT, etc.). We got home at 11:00, THE NEXT MORNING. 

I was in shoe heaven around 3 am.
You're probably wondering if we ate. If we were tired. If I almost fell asleep behind the wheel. If we even got good deals.

 Somewhere around 5 in the morning we refueled at McDonald's. It's always weird when you haven't gone to bed yet and the sun starts to come out. Nature takes no notice of Black Friday. And it was so frustrating when the previously empty streets which were all mine all of a sudden became jam-packed with cars during the day. Who did those people think they are? Didn't they know I'd been out longer than them and the streets were rightfully mine?

By the time we got to LOFT, my favorite store, I wanted nothing else to do with anyone or anything. I found a comfy couch outside the store where I probably slept with my mouth wide open until everyone took mercy on me and decided to call it a night day. 

I probably looked like this.
This is my boyfriend and I at 18 on our first cruise together.
You're welcome.
So was it worth it? Well, Black Friday is sort of a family tradition for us. It's not just about the deals. Nobody does Black Friday like my family does (if anyone else out there does, please let me know so I don't feel like a complete crazy). Plus I was able to get that DSLR after all (Nikon D3000), and I got two pairs of beautiful heels for next to nothing at Macy's. And I finished all my Christmas shopping! First time I get it done this early. So will I do it again next year? Probably. But definitely not until 11 am!

What's your Black Friday/Cyber Monday story?


  1. omg that's some crazy shopping!! :) I decided to just relax this year- no shopping(on that day of course)..


  2. hahahah love that old pic! I decided to tackle black friday online this year, after braving the crowds for the past few years. It was a nice change!!

    1. Hehe it's one of my favorite memories of that trip. All my friends gathered around us and took multiple pictures without us realizing it. Lol


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