March Recap

Meeting Marion // Modern and Feminine Easter Dress // Flamingo at Work
So I just realized that I scheduled tomorrow's outfit post for today and this one for tomorrow. Hate when that happens! So I reverted the other one to a draft, and it should go up in a few hours. 

January and February were crazy but manageable for me, as evidenced by actually being able to post a total of 11 outfits. March, however, was hectic, as evidenced by just posting three outfits. And the fact that I'm using "as evidenced by" here, as if I were writing a progress note. Lol. The first outfit was very much in line with what I had been wearing since the start of the year. Then I pulled out the spring pastels for these last two outfits. I was in an Easter mood. :)

Ahhh, I'm dogsitting @heisybarbara's perfect little happy puppy!!😍🐶❤😍 Max is not happy about it though. Lol. #dog #puppy #cockapoo #heartmelting #sofreakingcute #icantSometimes you strike up a conversation with a stranger on Instagram and then you befriend them irl! The story of how I met @m4liami is up on the blog today. 😊 #instagrambuddies #monamiefrancaise #Earnestyle
Fiery and pastel sky tonight. 💛 #miami #twilight #orisitduskBiking around town. 🚲🌴💙 #CoralGables #Miami #mediterraneanrevival
Saturdays. 🚲❤ #Earnestyle #comingsoonontheblogI have so many of these cool #spinart pictures on my phone. This is my all-time favorite, and it was made by a 4-year-old! It started as a regular spin art, and then she decided to paint the blank spots with her own watercolors to really highlight "the fa

My Instagram was kinda all over the place this month-- no consistent aim like I had in January and February. I kinda just posted what I felt like, like in the old days! Lately I feel pressure to maintain a certain visually appealing feed. But fuck it, I shared what I wanted with no regard for color or order or whatever because ain't nobody got time for perfection. Unless you're Julia Hengel or something, duh. Which I am not.

I also updated to using Google+ comments. I realized that you no longer lost the old Blogger comments if you upgraded to the Google+ commenting system, or maybe you never did and that was only the case with a third party commenting platform like Disqus. 

So those are my March updates! Stay tuned for April-- there's another photo shoot with Gen Street Style in the works. Can't wait!


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