Charleston's American Theatre

One of the first things I did when we arrived in Charleston was to look for those theater scenes where Noah and Allie basically begin their relationship. It's a lot less glamorous in person, but still oh so magical to know that Noah and Allie where there. Lol. Also, the American Theatre is still a shining example of the Art Moderne Style.

American Theatre

Sadly, these outfit pictures are not my best given the cloudiness and time of day.

Charleston Day ootd 1
Top: J. Crew | Skirt: Shabby Apple (old) | Shoes: TJ Maxx | Necklace: J. Crew | Watch: Urban Outfitters | Bracelet: vintage | Bag: DSW
Charleston ootd 1
See? Not even in focus. Wah.
American TheatreAmerican Theatre_Art Moderne style

And here are Hilary and Chad themselves! Haha, I'm telling you, I always see wedding stuff on my trips (like here). They were using the theater for their invitations or their engagement photos... I forget. Super cute idea, isn't it? The in-laws were taking their photos and I just jumped in with my camera. They were very nice and friendly and didn't mind the stranger taking pictures at all.

American Theatre_Hilary and Chad
Radcliffe and King

And here are shots of where Noah and Allie walked after the movie, and ultimately, where they lay down and danced in the middle of the street. At the intersection of King and Morris street, to be specific. I told you it was unglamorous in person. Doesn't help that these were taken from the rental car. 

The Notebook_dancing scene
What happens if a car comes? We die.
Notice the many little palm trees along King Street. It got me thinking: Did they have to remove them, or were they added later? Seems like a lot of trouble to have to remove trees on top of having to make the buildings and street lights and parking meters appropriate for the early 40's. 

The Notebook_walking sceneThe Notebook_walking scene

So I got to see Forrest Gump scenes (here), and lots of Notebook scenes in Charleston and Boone Hall Plantation (more on that next post). Shout-out to Adam the Woo for his awesome Youtube video of all The Notebook filming locations. I instantly recognized this intersection thanks to his video.


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