Shoesday Tuesday: Let it Rain

Hi folks! Here is a late Shoesday Tuesday post inspired by today's god awful weather.

When it Rains
blue bow flats | cloudy umbrella | confetti flats
yellow Hunter boots | floral jelly flats | black bow flats
Let it Rain
short red boots | black flats | fuschia rim umbrella | forrest green boots
 black floral boots | navy floral boots | confetti flats | pink Hunter boots | red Hunter boots

Miami is infamous for its moody weather, especially in the summer. But it's still hurricane season, so we'll continue to be subjected to some rainy days (and I do mean days) until the end of November.

So of course I've been wanting a pair of rain boots since FOREVER AGO. Why I haven't bought a pair I haven't a clue. I think I've been waiting for just the right pair to come along. And now there's the rain flat too, which looks less out of place in Miami. Because even though we get loads of rain, it's pretty weird to see people out and about in rain boots.

Thus, if I weren't on a shopping ban and hadn't had a slip-up last weekend at Nordstrom Rack, I would get the black floral Ted Baker boots in a heartbeat. They are so pretty and could probably work year round. But then there's the cute flats too, particularly the black bow flats which are so adorable and work appropriate!

I think I may buy something from here by the end of the week. In fact, if my favorite items are still available by Friday, I'll get one of them. Rationalize away, Nathy.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Shoesday Tuesday!


  1. I have been dying for a dome umbrella, and definitely a new pair of rain boots, they are a must have with this crazy rain down here.


  2. I want those floral ones! They are perfect!!

  3. These are so cute! I wouldn't mind if it rains with these accessories!

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