Savannah's River Street Charm

Hi y'all! Here's the first post from my road trip in August. I wore this outfit for the drive from Miami to Savannah, and then to explore River Street in the late afternoon. Note: This post is fairly picture heavy.

Savannah ootd 1
Top: Free People via Nordstrom Rack | Shorts: American Rag via Macy's | Shoes: Rock and Candy via TJ Maxx

River Street Stone
I <3 cobblestone
River Street buildingsRiver Street
Thomas Gamble Building
City Hall from River Street
City Hall as seen from River Street
A bride and groom on River Street
Spotted a bride and groom and taking pictures next to the river. I always seem to find a wedding whenever I travel!
Talmadge Memorial Bridge from River Street
Talmadge Memorial Bridge, as seen from River Street (above) and from the road (below)
Talmadge Memorial Bridge
pretty flowers
Loved these pretty, light purple flowers on East Bay Street by City Hall.
Spanish Moss
I took SO MANY PHOTOS of Spanish Moss. Spanish Moss everywhere! Spanish moss madness!
Left: A Cuban sandwich spotting at an Italian restaurant in Savannah! Haha.
Top: My dad looking calm, cool, and collected in his touristy St. Thomas hat that has nothing to do with Savannah. Lol
Bottom: Delicious blackened chicken tortellini and a yummy biscuit-like bread!
Vic's on the River
Vic's on the River. I highly recommend it!! So good, I can still savor it... YUM.
River Street Building
I'm a sucker for old world charm.

Behind River Street

I loved this little spot and took a bunch of pictures of it. Back in the day, these little bridges facilitated the transport of goods into the buildings and ships on the river. Today it's such a romantic little area.

Behind River Street

So that was (mostly) my first afternoon in Savannah. We actually ended up going back to Savannah after Charleston because we liked it so much! I organized this post by River Street experiences, although the Italian restaurant was actually in City Market, which is a nice little touristy spot with live country music and within walking distance from River Street. Which is also touristy, although I did spot some locals with my observant, touristy eyes.

My next post will be all about my experience touring Savannah's Historic District. I fell in absolute love with Savannah as I toured its beautiful squares and picturesque homes. But the city also has a young vibe to it, with its trendy hipsters, varied dining options, and unique spots all over town. But more on that next time.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooooh, lovely roadtrip photos! Looks like a nice trip. Love what you wore too, that top is adorable :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Gorgeous photos! Looks like such a lovely place to wander around. I am also a sucker for old world charm :)


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