Boone Hall Plantation

If you're into grand southern homes, American history, black history, movies, or gardening, you'd love Boone Hall Plantation. It's one of America's oldest working plantations and it's the site of many movies, including, of course, The Notebook! (Allie's summer home). Unfortunately photographing the inside of the home is not allowed, since it's still a private residence. The home you see there today is not original to the property; it was built in the 1930's using many of the materials from the home that stood there previously.

late summer ootd
Hat: J. Crew | Tank: Anthropologie | Skirt: J. Crew | Sandals: Steve Madden via Macy's | Backpack: DSW
Back of Boone Hall Plantation_ootd

Boone Hall Plantation
Boone Hall_ootd
Boone Hall_ootd
Boone Hall Plantation
Tour guide in 1800's dress
Boone Hall_side
Boone Hall porch_blue ceiling
light blue ceiling
Boone Hall flower
Boone Hall gardens_butterfly
Boone Hall gardens
Boone Hall gardens_butterfly _flowers
Boone Hall gardens
Beautiful side gardens
Back of Boone Hall Plantation
Boone Hall Plantation_gates_avenue of oaks
This is the entrance (as seen from the inside) where Noah accidentally crashed into the gates in hopes that Allie was still there.
Boone Hall_Avenue of Oaks
"Avenue of Oaks," said to be the inspiration for Gone with the Wind's Twelve Oaks.
Boone Hall Live Oak

Visiting the slave cabins was the biggest highlight of my visit to Boone Hall. This whole area gives you a really vivid picture of what house slave life was like here. I can just imagine the people fishing (there's saltwater right next to the homes), cooking, doing laundry, worshiping, tending to their wounds from daily slave life, loving, fearing, dreaming, worrying, living. 

Boone Hall Plantation Slave House
One of the remaining 13 house slave cabins. They believe there were two more rows next to this one, as well as more rudimentary cabins by the farmland for the non-house slaves.
Boone Hall Plantation_slave house_roof
Boone Hall_slave house_worship
Cabin modeled as a place of worship
Boone Hall Slave House Bedroom
Cabin modeled as a house slave home, complete with cradle.
Boone Hall Slave House Artifacts
Artifacts recovered from excavation of one of the cabins. Items include pottery, bottles, children's dolls, and buttons.
Boone Hall Slave Quarters
Boone Hall Slave Houses
There would have been two more rows next to this one.
Boone Hall warehouse
Shipping dock and warehouse was rebuilt recently after it was destroyed by a hurricane. It is meant to be a replica of what originally stood there.
Boone Hall_family
View from the side of the house. The water behind us is saltwater, not brackish water.
And here are some Instagram photos taken as I visited the plantation:


So those were some highlights of my visit to Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens. It was wonderful.


  1. Wow, such gorgeous photos! Looks like a really interesting visit :) Oh and I love your skirt and hat!

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  2. This is so cool! Can you imagine what it must've been like to live in that time era, in that! I'd love to visit that place :D
    Cute outfit too, your hat is just too adorable

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. These pics are awesome and you are wearing the skirt version of my short, love it too.

  4. This looks wonderful. You know I adore all travel type post as well as the fashion ones. :)

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